BEAUTY | APRIL 24, 2019

How To Prevent And Protect Damaged Hair

Test your hair for damage and get expert advice on what to do if it is

Let’s face it, damaged hair is difficult to avoid – from heat styling to bleaching, it doesn’t take a lot for our hair to be crying out for some TLC. That’s why we’ve created this go-to guide for damaged hair – full of expert advice on how to help reduce and protect against damage to help you achieve healthy-looking hair.



Not sure if your hair is dry, damaged or both? While some signs of damage are obvious (think split ends, breakage, dullness), there’s also a simple test you can do. Michael Lendon, our Creative Director explains: “Pluck one strand of wet hair from your head and gently pull the hair at either end, if the hair stretches by about one third before returning to its original length then you know that your hair is healthy. If your strand of hair doesn't stretch or stretches a small amount before breaking then you know that your hair is damaged and lacking protein. Should your hair stretch but not return it is likely to be more dry than damaged."




We’re not talking muscles here… Hair is mostly made of protein, making it important for good hair health. That’s why quinoa is the star ingredient in our damage remedy™ range  – as it’s revered for its high protein properties. damage remedy™ restructuring shampoo helps protect against environmental damage by gently washing away pollutants; damage remedy™ restructuring conditioner helps reduce breakage by detangling making hair feel stronge; and damage remedy™ split end repair visibly repairs split ends until your next wash. More on the rest of the range below!


Even with the best intentions in the world, some of us just can’t put the curling tongs and hair straighteners down… which is one of the reasons damage remedy™ daily hair repair  is one of our best sellers; the leave-in treatment helps protect against damage from heat styling.


Treat your hair the same way you treat your skin – so if you’re using a face mask, why not use a hair mask too? Leave damage remedy™ intensive restructuring treatment on for up to 5 minutes to help to help hair feel stronger and to seal in moisture, restoring a healthy-looking shine.


Don’t fear a trim! Once you’ve found a hairdresser you trust, book in for regular trims – we recommend every four to six weeks to help prevent split ends. A few other things you can do? Let your hair air dry whenever possible – much easier during warmer climes. Which brings us nicely onto sun protection – summer-proof your hair with sun care protective hair veil, our water-resistant UV defense mist.


We offer a free Hair & Scalp Check service in store. During this, you’ll receive a porosity and elasticity test, alongside a professional analysis using a scalp camera. Our expert will then address any concerns, providing you with personalised advice and recommendations based on the results.