More product. Less packaging.

More product.

Less packaging.

Get 4x more of your favourite hair and body care with 30% less packaging* with litres.

*Based on the purchase of a 1 litre bottle instead of the same formula in 200ml bottles or tubes.

Litre & Half Litre Sizes


From strengthening shampoo and conditioners to scalp treatments, our natural hair products cleanse gently, but thoroughly. With formulas being made up of up to 98% naturally derived ingredients, you won’t find a better way to fit in some plant-derived natural hair products into your regime. Whether you want to breathe some life into your curls or put some moisture back into those dry ends, our range of natural hair products are ideal both for our green-minded attitude and for giving your hair some TLC. Your perfect hair product is here waiting for you, so have an explore.



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