BEAUTY | JULY 05, 2019

How I Took My Hair From Frizz To Fab

In Conversation with @daniellepeazer

Danielle is a professionally trained dancer and fully qualified Personal Trainer. After training at the prestigious English National Ballet School, her career took her all over the globe establishing herself as one of London’s most sought after dancers in the commercial field. In 2013 Danielle started her social media journey on several platforms for dance, fitness, fashion and beauty content, before creating her own method to guide anyone looking to inherit a healthy and active lifestyle named the Danielle Peazer Method. As someone who uses Aveda, we asked Danielle to share her hair journey…

‘We all want what we don’t have’ is a common phrase when it comes to talking about hair.


I said it a lot during my teens when I was struggling with frizz. I ended up causing a lot of damage to my hair by straightening it (although not chemically), colouring it badly (until I found a good hairdresser), and using whatever products I could find regardless of their ingredients or benefits.


Then I had a sort of ‘epiphany’ – I realised that I would look after my body by training and eating well, yet completely abandon my hair. It just didn’t make sense, especially as it was an insecurity of mine. The lack of attention to my hair care routine came from not knowing what to do and just assuming I was destined to have unruly hair.


If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I’ve been using Aveda products for over a year – I’m a big fan of the be curly™ range. I decided to branch out and have been using the damage remedy™ range over the last few months too. I’m happy to say it’s had a HUGE impact on my hair. I’ve found it easy to fit the different products into my routine. Think minimum effort with maximum results. 


I hadn’t realised before how environmental factors can affect hair. Now, after a day running around polluted cities or somewhere humid, I wash my hair with damage remedy™ restructuring shampoo – made with nurturing coconut and babassu, it gently cleanses away pollutants that can build up or irritate my scalp.


For me, if I’m using a certain shampoo then I like to use the equivalent conditioner. As my long hair gets knotty easily, I know breakage is happening as I get physical with brushing! damage remedy™ restructuring conditioner helps to detangle my hair, which in turn means less breakage as I don’t need to drag my brush through it so harshly.


Heat damage is something most of us are guilty of, but I feel better about using straighteners or a diffuser if I know I’ve protected it first – cue damage remedy™ daily hair repair. I never travel without it and even pop it in my gym bag in case I blast my hair with the hair dryer after a shower – it protects my hair from heat styling, leaving it feeling smooth and nourished.


A little tip – whenever I want to give my hair a break from the heat, I let it air dry naturally – but first I’ll comb through some be curly™ curl enhancer. I swear by it for taming frizz and defining my curls.


I love changing up my look with colour but don’t like the fact it can cause chemical damage to my hair. I can’t recommend damage remedy™ intensive restructuring treatment enough if you use colour or bleach – it’s a saviour. I make a point of taking 5 minutes out once a week to use this mask. Packed with quinoa protein, it really does make my hair feel so much healthier.


I’ve seen a noticeable difference since using the damage remedy™ range – my hair feels stronger and it’s also made styling so much easier. You’ll find that once your hair is in better condition, it’ll hold more bounce and be more cooperative when styled!  Aside from all the benefits? All the products smell good enough to eat – bonus!


In Partnership with Danielle Peazer, creator of the Danielle Peazer Method. Find out more about Danielle at or follow her on Instagram @daniellepeazer.