Your Scalp Care Questions, Answered


Looking for a place where you can get answers to all your scalp-related queries? We’re here to help! We've collated some to your top questions and provided expert answers, with key product recommendations. 


How do you take care of your scalp? 

Scalp care is something we should all be focusing more on. Without a healthy scalp, we can't expect hair to grow healthily. Taking care of your scalp firstly means avoiding things that will damage your scalp, such as using excessive heat, styling your hair too tightly, or being too rough with your hair. However, one of the main reasons you could be damaging your scalp is by using the wrong hair care products. Treating your scalp gently, and with care and attention, can make all the difference.



How do I get rid of dry scalp?

Your scalp can become dry for a whole variety of reasons – from ageing to changes in the weather. If you are wondering how to treat dry scalp, we have the perfect solution. Our scalp solutions overnight renewal serum is an overnight scalp treatment that is enriched with hyaluronic acid to help defend against the visible signs of premature scalp ageing while you sleep, improving scalp hydration and barrier strength. If your dry scalp continues after changing your haircare products, seek medical advice.


How do you hydrate your dry scalp?

Using the correct shampoo, in the correct way, is the best way to hydrate dry scalp. Our scalp solutions balancing shampoo is the perfect option. This shampoo boosts scalp hydration by a whopping 92% after 1 week*, and 128% after 2 weeks**. It does this by removing excess oil, impurities and pollution from your scalp and hair. This shampoo is designed to be used as often as every day but be careful not to over-wash as this can strip oil from your scalp, leaving it drier. Try to avoid using very hot water as this can aggravate your scalp – if possible, body temperature water is best. It’s also important to not rough dry your hair with a towel, instead gently pat your hair dry with the towel because vigorously drying your hair can irritate a sensitive scalp.


What are the best products for scalp?
Searching for the ideal scalp care products? Follow our scalp solutions run through for a healthy, happy scalp:

Step 1: Exfoliate once or twice a week with our exfoliating scalp treatment

Step 2:  Cleanse as often as needed with balancing shampoo

Step 3: Condition as often as needed with replenishing conditioner

Step 4: Protect and refresh as often as needed with refreshing protective mist

Step 5: Treat nightly with overnight scalp renewal serum



What is the best thing to clean your scalp with?

Using our full scalp solutions system, especially our scalp care shampoo and conditioner, is the best way to clean your scalp. We also have a scalp solutions stimulating scalp massager which you can use to gently and effectively lift impurities from the scalp. The thin, long bristles have a flexible reach to the scalp through wet hair, which increases scalp micro-circulation, all while enhancing your sensorial scalp care experience. The double concave design has a spherical topography, allowing the massager to adapt to the head's shape. The curved handle is ergonomically designed to comfortably hold in your hand.


*Testing on 32 women, after using scalp solutions balancing shampoo and replenishing conditioner for 1 week.

**Testing on 32 women, after using scalp solutions balancing shampoo and replenishing conditioner for 2 weeks.