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Whether you already have colour treated hair or are looking to colour your hair for the first time, maintaining hair strength and protecting against damage are common concerns. We caught up with Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Colour, to get his recommendations and tips for treating damaged hair. His first word of advice: Add the botanical repair system to your hair care routine.


Vegan and cruelty free, this 93% naturally derived* system helps strengthen hair to prevent future breakage and protect against damaged hair from the inside out. botanical repair is our revolutionary approach to strengthening hair. “Strengthening the hair is the number one concern for consumers in many parts of the world. I’ve been amazed at how effective this product really is in helping prevent damage to the hair,” says Ian.


Ian explains that the guest’s typical concerns during hair colouring are around compromising the hair’s condition, strength and shine. With botanical repair, all of these concerns are remedied.



Protecting colour-treated hair


At Aveda, we use a range of essentially damage-free and 93% naturally derived* professional hair colour products as botanical repair colour treatment is the perfect addition to your next service.


This 10-minute** professional treatment uses plant-derived molecules to strengthen and protect colour treated hair while building strength in every strand, leaving you with stronger looking*** hair.


Before and after side by side #1 (without washing styling vs. botanical repair treatment)

With all colour treatments, you want to protect your hair from damage as much as possible and botanical repair allows you to change up your colour without worry. “It doesn’t matter if you’re colouring your grey hair, going platinum blonde or just trying a new look — the system will work with your hair,” says Ian.


BEFORE: Prior to washing and styling
AFTER: Results with botanical repair professional treatment and conditioner, plus paddle brush and blow dryer



Build strength in every strand


The botanical repair colour treatment uses powerful plant technologies to repair three key layers of hair: the cortex, cuticle and f-layer.


Our team of expert scientists discovered a unique bond-building technology that penetrates the cortex to multiply bonds while strengthening and reinforcing integrity at the core. By strengthening hair starting at the innermost layer, every strand becomes stronger.


The cuticle, an outer layer of the hair that provides protection, stays conditioned and nourished thanks to our macro green blend of certified organic avocado, green tea and sacha inchi seed oils. This blend leaves the cuticle smooth, shiny, flexible and free from tangles to help prevent future damage.


Our protective plant-based complex with corn and coconut mimics the hair’s outer f-layer to help protect hair. It helps to protect from humidity and water that can make hair more fragile.


All of these plant-powered products are formulated to work on all hair types and textures, which is why Ian recommends adding a botanical repair colour treatment every time you receive a colour service.


“This treatment is done at the same time as your colour and only adds 10 minutes to your time in the salon,” he says. Ian explains that the treatment starts to repair hair while the colour is processing and works in tandem with your scheduled colour service.


“Guests can leave the salon not only with an amazing new colour, but with hair that is shinier and stronger,” says Ian. Hair will be visibly healthier, 5x stronger*** and shinier after just one treatment.



Protect and repair at home


In addition to the professional treatment, botanical repair can be a part of your routine between salon visits. Ian explains that the stronger your hair is, the longer your colour will last. Using botanical repair at home is the ideal way to keep your hair looking its best between colour services.


The botanical repair system includes five at-home hair care solutions that work to repair, protect and prevent damage.


Bottles of Botanical Repair collection.


When it comes to a shampoo for colour treated hair, our sulfate cleanser free botanical repair strengthening shampoo is Ian’s pick. It gently cleanses and removes excess sebum and product build-up and helps strengthen and protect damaged hair when used with botanical repair strengthening conditioner.


For conditioner, Ian recommends botanical repair strengthening conditioner. This conditioner uses the power of plants to detangle and condition colour treated hair while helping to minimise future breakage.




The botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment works to detangle hair from roots to ends to help prevent breakage. This treatment multiplies bonds at the cortex, leaving you with stronger hair. Another reason to love it: our leave-in treatment protects against heat up to 230°C and against the drying effects of the sun.



Ian’s favorite picks from the collection are the botanical repair intensive strengthening masques. “Not only do they help to build bonds inside the hair to strengthen and transform the three key layers of the hair, but they also help protect against future damage” says Ian.


Ian loves that you can select a masque based on your hair type or texture preference since the masques are available in two different formulas, light and rich.


Before and after side by side #2 (without washing styling vs. botanical repair treatment)

If you have fine to medium hair and are looking for weightless conditioning, Ian recommends the botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light. With a luxurious silken cream texture, this masque strengthens hair without weighing it down.

BEFORE: Prior to washing and styling
AFTER: Results with botanical repair shampoo, light masque and leave-in treatment, plus paddle brush and blow dryer


Before and after side by side #3 (without washing styling vs. botanical repair treatment)

For medium to thick hair, the botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: rich is your best bet. It has a sumptuous buttery creme texture and two times the plant lipids with added butters for deep conditioning†.

BEFORE: Prior to washing and styling
AFTER: Results with botanical repair shampoo, rich masque and leave-in treatment, plus blow dryer with diffuser



“With the botanical repair system, you have the ability to transform your hair between professional treatments,” says Ian. By focusing on strengthening hair both in the salon and at home, you’re not only helping to create the best canvas for your Aveda colour service, but you’re also strengthening and transforming hair from the inside out.







*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

**Processing time. This service adds 10 minutes to a hair coloUr service for the masque processing time

***Based on averaged repeat grooming results of colour with Botanical Repair Colour Treatment vs colour with non-conditioning shampoo

†when compared to the botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque: light