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Autumn brings about a new season of change—crisp weather, warm layers and of course new looks to try. We’re ready to shake up our everyday hairstyles and cuts with fresh inspiration. We asked our expert Aveda Artists Ricardo Dinis, Global Artistic Director of Haircutting, Renee Gadar, Global Artistic Director of Texture, and Bea Carmichael, Global Educator of Styling, to share the hairstyle trends they’re loving for autumn, along with their go-to styling tools to achieve each one.



The ultimate styling essentials


Before we dive into the best hairstyles for autumn, it’s important to make sure you have the right styling tools to help perfect each look. We rounded up our top high-performance hair styling products, beloved by Aveda Artists.


1) be curly curl enhancer - Formulated for wavy, curly and coily hair, our 96% naturally derived* curl enhancer

helps create gorgeous, defined curls. It contains wheat protein and organic aloe, which expands when hair is wet

and retracts when hair is dry to help intensify your wave, curl or coil.


2) thickening tonic - Our Artists love to use this product to help thicken hair for any style. It instantly expands

strands from roots to ends. Certified organic amla fruit and wheat boost hair thickening, while corn helps hold

your fuller style.


3) volumizing tonic - Our best seller helps create maximum volume for fine to medium hair, adding a confidence

boost to your look. We created this product with certified organic aloe and wheat amino acids to help build body

and while adding shine.


4) nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and nutriplenish multi-use hair oil - This hyper hydrating hair care duo is

from our 94% naturally derived* nutriplenish collection. This collection is essential for all hair types and

textures, fueled by superfood-infused formulas to help replenish hair. The 98% naturally derived* nutriplenish

leave-in conditioner offers lightweight, yet buildable, hair hydration. It hydrates for up to 72 hours, while

protecting it from the drying effects of the sun and heat styling up to 450 degrees. Created with 5 power oils, the

100% naturally derived* nutriplenish multi-use hair oil is a super-product that offers nutrient-powered

hydration for multiple uses, including adding major shine post-styling.


5) damage remedy daily hair repair - 98% naturally derived,* this is the leave-in treatment our Aveda Artists use

to instantly visibly repair and protect hair from heat styling. It helps reduce breakage.


6) air control light hold hairspray - Because of it’s flexible, lasting hold for all hair types, our Artists love to use

air control as their go-to styling hairspray. It sprays on dry, helps eliminate static and has a net-zero impact***

on the Earth's climate.



Our favourite autumn hair trends


Now that you know which tools to stock up on, let’s discover some of the season’s coolest hair styles.




UGC image from Instagram, @avedaartists - redheaded bob haircut.

Ricardo Dinis tells us that the bob, in all textures, will be a strong trend for both short hair styles and long hair styles this autumn. “Blunt, layered, asymmetric, parted down the center, with and without a fringe, will all be popular,” he says.Ricardo loves bob hair cuts because anyone can wear them. “Bobs are the hair cuts that can be tailored to fit any face and are incredibly versatile,” he tells us. Head to your local Aveda hair salon to get this new trending hair cut..


“The key to a great style after a cut is to use a great moisturising shampoo and conditioner,” Ricardo says, which is why he recommends the shampoos and conditioners in our nutriplenish collection.


Here’s Ricardo’s how-to for styling a sleek bob:


1) Use nutriplenish light moisture shampoo and conditioner to start with freshly washed hair.


2) Apply nutriplenish leave-in conditioner to mid lengths and ends.


3) For added fullness apply thickening tonic to the roots and ends.


4) Find your natural part and comb your hair the way the haircut naturally falls. Comb your fingers through your hair

as you blow dry, until you have removed most of the moisture.


5) Then section off the top part of your hair with a clip, and begin using a brush to blow dry small sections, starting

with the layers underneath.


6) Once you finish the bottom part of that hair, unclip the top and blow dry hair in small sections.


7) Keep the setting on medium to high heat and ensure the airflow is mirroring the direction of the brush. Once hair

is dry, use a flatiron to further smooth hair.


8) “Finish by dispensing 2 drops of nutriplenish multi-use hair oil in your hands, and apply to the hair for a silky

finish,” Ricardo says.




UGC image from Instagram, @avedaartists - balayage deep side part bob haircut.

Bea Carmichael loves the deep side part for autumn. “It’s simple to do and gives you a put-together look when you haven’t tried too hard!” Bea tells us. “It's perfect for Zoom calls if you're working from home—or you can lead the autumn trend when you head back to the office.”


Here’s how Bea creates a deep side part:


1) Use nutriplenish light moisture shampoo and conditioner. Allow hair to air dry until it’s 80% dry.


2) Use a rat tail comb to create a deep side part on one side of your head.


3) Apply be curly curl enhancer through mid lengths and ends and scrunch in. Then use a wide-tooth comb to

comb through.


4) Apply air control light hold hairspray close to the head, around the sides of your part, and top of your head.

Use a fine-tooth comb to sculpt your look, and then diffuse dry on high heat, low speed.


5) When hair is completely dry add a few drops of nutriplenish multi-use hair oil to the palm of your hands and

rub together to warm the oil. This will add shine, and define the curl.




UGC image from Pinterest: warm light brunette highlights Aveda color by Aveda Artist Amie at Storm Hair Group in Canada.

“Blowouts are great for those with textured hair when it starts to get cool out,” Reneé Gadar tells us. “You’re not sweating out the style quickly, and it decreases the desire to go in and re-press hair in between cleanses, which helps mitigate heat damage.” Plus, this breezy style always looks effortless and chic.


Here’s Reneé’s guide for achieving the tousled blow out:


1) Wash hair with nutriplenish shampoo deep moisture or be curly co wash, and condition with

nutriplenish conditioner deep moisture.


2) Next, spray hair with nutriplenish leave-in conditioner.


3) Part hair into 7 or 8 sections. Add 1 to 2 drops of dry remedy daily moisturizing oil to each section and place

into small buns.


4) For those with 2a-4a hair types, start from the back of the head and begin blow drying hair with a flat, oval

multi-bristle brush. Use the high heat, high air setting. Once a section is finished, place back into a bun and move

to your next section.


5) For those with 4b-4c hair types, start from the front and begin blow drying hair with a flat, oval multi-bristle brush.

Use the high heat, high air setting. Once a section is finished, place back into a bun and move to your next



6) Allow 5 minutes for the last section to cool in its bun.


7) Release all buns.


8) If needed, use a flat iron to create additional smoothness and add a bit of curl.






*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

**Aveda funds renewable wind energy to offset the CO2 associated with the manufacturing, transportation and use of air control to help ensure it has a net-zero impact on the Earth's climate. The majority of our offsets fund future wind energy over time.