Everything You Need to Know About Shampure and Rosemary Mint’s New Look

These iconic products got a makeover for 2019.

Even icons like Shampure and Rosemary Mint need a makeover once in awhile. The shampoo and conditioner duos for two of our most beloved classics got some snazzy new packaging and new names just in time for 2019. Shampure also got an upgrade; the formula was slightly changed to give you more of what you love. But don’t start worrying that your favorite products will no longer work the same way! Here’s exactly what to know about these updates; we’re pretty excited about them, and we think you will be too.


What’s with the new names?
We added a few words to the existing names to make it easier for guests like you to identify which products are best suited for your hair type and concerns.


Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner is now Shampure Nurturing Shampoo and Nurturing Conditioner.


Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner is now Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner.

Have the product formulas changed?
Shampure Nurturing Shampoo and Conditioner formulas have changed. What’s different? A key difference is that we removed silicones and simply added Abyssinian oil in their place.


What’s Abyssinian oil?
Abyssinian oil is a natural silicone alternative that mimics the performance and feel of silicones, is lightweight and helps provide lasting nourishment for your hair.


What about Rosemary Mint? Is it different too?
Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo has not changed. For Rosemary Mint Weightless Conditioner, we removed a trace amount of an herb, and this change affected the color of the product, which is now white. There’s no perceivable difference in the performance of the conditioner, just a slight change in color. Otherwise, it’s the same invigorating Rosemary Mint you know and love.


Have my favorite aromas changed?
No! Both aromas are the same.


If I have dry hair, should I use Rosemary Mint?
Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner help gently clarify the hair, add weightless body and enhance shine. If you have dry hair, we recommend Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner for mildly dry hair and Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for very dry hair.


Are these products color-safe?
They are! You can suds up with Shampure and Rosemary Mint shampoos without harming your Aveda color.


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