Aveda hand relief moisturizing creme.





We all need moments to relax and recharge—it’s how we replenish our mind, body and soul. But finding a routine that fits into your schedule can be a challenge. We’re making it easy to carve out time for yourself with our Ritual of Renewal. Read on to discover all of our favorite vegan calming essentials included in the ritual, plus we’ll walk you through each step.



Me-time must-haves




Our Ritual of Renewal features the 100% vegan hair products from our bond-building botanical repair collection. 94% naturally derived,* botanical repair is our innovative hair care system that strengthens hair from the inside out.


It targets three key layers of hair to strengthen and protect each strand, all with plant-derived ingredients. We formulated this cruelty-free line for all hair types and textures, so everyone can experience stronger, shinier and healthier looking hair. Included in this silicone-free collection are also hair treatments for damaged hair, crafted to deliver deep renewal.


In this ritual, you’ll use the botanical repair strengthening shampoo sample along with either the botanical repair strengthening conditioner sample or the travel-size botanical repair intensive strengthening masque light or rich. Lastly, you’ll use the botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment sample.


Our shampoo for damaged hair luxuriously cleanses to gently remove excess sebum, while the conditioner instantly detangles to help prevent breakage. Both build bonds in hair to improve hair strength.


The botanical repair intensive strengthening masque offers hair strengthening after just one use. Our hair mask is available in two formulations so you can choose the best one for your hair’s needs. Lastly, the leave-in treatment helps protect against heat damage up to 450 degrees, while reducing frizz. It instantly strengthens hair as it smooths, all in a no-rinse formula for an easy hair treatment you’ll love.



Aveda hand relief moisturizing creme.



A warm cup of tea is one of our favourite ways to unwind and let the day melt away. aveda comforting tea included in our Ritual of Renewals is our fan-favourite soothing herbal infusion. Certified organic and caffeine-free, it’s crafted with liquorice root and peppermint to help calm your senses and promote a sense of well-being..




We couldn’t create the Ritual of Renewal without this Aveda best-seller: our iconic travel-size hand relief moisturizing creme.95% naturally derived,* it helps sooth seriously dry hands. Andiroba oil and plant hydrators intensely nourish and moisturise for softer, smoother feeling skin.




The last essential in the Ritual of Renewal is our favourite mini paddle brush, perfectly sized for quick scalp massages. Extended bristles also make detangling easy..



Strengthen your hair. Soothe with self-care.


Now that you have your self-care items at the ready, it’s time to start relaxing.


First choose where you’d like to begin your ritual, the shower or the bath. If you prefer a shower, once you turn on the water, begin tuning out the world. As the water flows down from the shower head, close your eyes and imagine that white light is being poured over you. Picture it washing away all the stress and filling you with a healing light.


If you prefer the bathtub, tune into the calming sound of the water filling the tub. Breathe in slowly through your nose, hold your breath for a count of five and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat a few times while the water fills the bath.




Step 1. Gently cleanse your hair with botanical repair strengthening shampoo. Next use either the botanical repair strengthening conditioner or your preferred intensive strengthening masque. If using the masque, apply throughout damp hair. Leave in for 2-5 minutes while breathing in the luscious pure-fume aroma of pure flower and plant essences.


Step 2. Rinse and towel dry your hair. With the mini paddle brush, massage your scalp all over in a circular motion. Pat your entire scalp lightly with the bristles. Brush through your hair.


Step 3. Apply botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment throughout hair and style as desired.


Step 4. Begin heating water to make a cup of comforting tea.


Step 5. Apply hand relief moisturizing creme to hands. Use your thumb to massage the palm of one hand in circular motions. Massage the thick muscles at the base of the thumb, and also where the bones of the index finger and thumb meet. Repeat with your other hand.


Step 6. When the water starts to boil, remove from heat and steep comforting tea for 3-5 minutes. Relax with a book, meditate, or listen to music as you sip a bit of bliss. Take all the time you need.




Our Ritual of Renewal puts relaxation
at your fingertips, with essentials that
help unwind, relax and renew.







*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.