April 22nd, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual celebration close to our heart. Inspired by this major moment, we’re reflecting on Aveda’s long history of supporting this important day and highlighting some of our milestones.


Our mission is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.


While our mission guides us each and every day, Earth Day provides a special opportunity for us to share our passion and spread greater awareness of environmental causes.


Discover the meaningful campaigns we’ve been honored to create over the years.




In 1990, Aveda becomes an International Sponsor of Earth Day at our inaugural celebration of the event. In addition, Aveda donates to Global ReLeaf, an international program created by the American Forestry Association to reforest the world.




Under the campaign Makeover for the Planet Earth: Aveda Beaut-A-Thon,  Aveda donates to Give to the Earth, which helps to fund Clean Water Action, the National Toxics Campaign and other organizations. It was the launch of Aveda’s very own first official Earth Day event, the precursor to the current Earth Month campaign we all know today.




Under the Do it for 30 Days, Make it a Habit for Life campaign, Aveda donates to Give to the Earth, which helps to fund Battered Women Fighting Back, the Siskiyou Project (a grassroots organization protecting the Siskiyou rivers and surrounding land in Oregon) and other organizations.




One of our favorite campaigns, What on Earth Are We Doing?, urges the world to wake up to the increasing environmental destruction. Aveda supports Give to the Earth, which helps to fund Citizens for a Better Environment, World Wildlife Fund and other organizations.




The Earth is Our Children’s. The Choice is Ours. For this campaign in 1999, Aveda raises $300,000 for environmental organizations and gathers signatures to halt deforestation. This year marks our first annual Earth Month campaign.




Is There a Better Cause for Celebration? In 2001, this campaign helps us raise $409,000 for environmental organizations working to protect oceans and local watersheds. We also collect signatures to petition to bring clean, safe water to the world.




With Aveda’s What Can You Do For the Earth Today? campaign, we raise $1.47M combined between the 2002 and 2003 celebrations for environmental organizations, and collect pledges to help stop global warming.




With our Save Plants, Save Yourself campaign, we raise $1.5M for environmental organizations and collect signatures to help protect endangered species. Aveda introduces their first limited-edition Light the Way™ Earth Month candle and donates 100% of the purchase price* to help protect clean water,** which contributes $500K of the total.



This year marks the first of the next 11 years in which Aveda shifts to focus fundraising efforts to protect and provide clean water through our partnership with Global Greengrants Fund and local Earth Month partners. Aveda holds their first Walks for Water, which unites the Aveda global network in a singular event. Executed locally on or around the same date, the Walks for Water raise awareness, funds and excitement for the need to protect clean water around the world. Walks are designed to be 4 miles in length which is the average distance that women in developing countries have to walk to collect water each day.




Aveda’s Catwalks for Water grow in popularity as a way of raising funds. These are annual green carpet events during which local Aveda salons come together to raise money for Earth Month. Using the Earth as their muse, design teams create a comprehensive look that celebrates beauty, sustainable fashion and Aveda’s mission to care for the world we live in.




In 2013, Aveda sets the Guinness World Record for the most funds raised for charity in 24 hours with haircuts at the Global Cut-a-Thon. All proceeds benefit clean water protection for Global Greengrants Fund and local Earth Month partners.




Aveda reaches cumulative fundraising of $16M*** for Global Greengrants Fund through sales of our limited-edition Light the Way™ candle, providing 2,405 grants in 95 countries, positively impacting 1.3M lives.




Aveda reaches cumulative fundraising of nearly $65 million**** for hundreds of local and global environmental organizations, with more than $60 million directed to protecting and providing clean water.

Aveda partners with charity: water, one of the leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to people in developing countries. Through the partnership, Aveda provides clean water to underserved communities in India, Nepal, Madagascar and Ethiopia, key sourcing countries for our brand.



*Based on suggested retail price.
**Supports Global Greengrants Fund water-related projects.
***Since 2007.
****Since 1999.