Hair loss and thinning can come from a variety of places, from genetics to childbirth, but it can also be a reaction to breakage from physical damage — AKA the way you treat your hair when you’re styling or even drying it after the shower. Uh-oh! Super-tight styles are one of the leading contenders when it comes to breakage, but don’t worry - you don’t have to completely give up your ponytails or braids to save your hair.

Be extra gentle when your hair is wet. Start the care right away. Don’t pull your hair up into a towel turban or roughly dry it post-shower. Try a microfiber towel or t-shirt and gently squeeze out excess moisture instead. Your hair is vulnerable when it’s wet, so try not to put any extra stress on it.


Reduce heat styling. Heat puts stress on the hair and can cause breakage if it’s a bit brittle. When you’re stretching the hair (like with a blow-dryer) and changing the texture, it can put stress on the hair and follicle. If you must heat style, we recommend using a minimal routine of a dryer or diffuser on low heat and low speed.


Embrace your natural texture. Think about what your hair wants to do naturally and try products that are meant to enhance what you already have. Work with your stylist to get the right products to maximise what you have. Products can really help, from the right shampoo to styling products.” She loves that the Aveda prep products all help detangle hair, and recommends Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Brilliant Damage Control, Be Curly Style-Prep or Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother.


Take a break from the super-tight ponytails. The less strain you put on the hair the better. Avoid tight ponytails, curlers or braids that put stress on the hair. Try looser updos and hold them with pins, not hair bands. If you must pony up, try a soft scrunchie or ribbon hairband instead of a tight, traditional pony elastic. Your hair will thank you.


Find the right hair products to prevent breakage. Of course, another way to fight breakage is to begin using InvatiTM Advanced. Our innovative, powerful and 98% naturally-derived* three-step system helps you keep the hair you have longer by exfoliating, conditioning, strengthening and nourishing it from scalp to tip. The secret weapon against breakage? The Thickening Conditioner, which infuses hair with weightless conditioning to help protect your hair from breakage. Use the system once a day, every day and notice less breakage. (*from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water.)