Help clean water reach more people this World Water Day

Help clean water
reach more people.

during Earth Month and every day.


Join us this Earth Month and skip a hair wash day to save an average of 6 gallons of water* per person!


703 million people lack access to clean water daily, our partner Charity: Water is changing this. 


Help us spread awareness for the clean water crisis by posting your no-wash style using #NoWashDay

- when we come together, small actions make a powerful impact.


Clean water.

More product. Less packaging.

More product.

Less packaging.

Get 4x more of your favourite hair and body care with 30% less packaging* with litres.

*Based on the purchase of a 1 litre bottle instead of the same formula in 200ml bottles or tubes.

Aveda Initiatives

*Based on the average shower using 2.1 gallons of water per minute. Source: US EPA Save Water and Energy by Showering Better Pub. 2017.