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Lily Pebbles is a lifestyle content creator. Lily started her blog 10 years ago, while she was studying at university. Her blog originally talked about all aspects of her life but went on to heavily focus on beauty. It’s now a creative hub for all things lifestyle and, more recently, her journey into motherhood. With a large and loyal following on Instagram, she is well known for her thick and naturally curly hair. As someone who frequently discusses her issues around her hair journey and which products work best for her, we wanted her best advice for dry hair.


Hi Lily! What memory best describes your hair journey?

As a teen, I went to summer camp for 2 weeks every year – I would always worry about how I’d pack enough hair mousse, so would get my hair braided instead. Looking back now, I find it hilarious.


Tell us more about your hair journey…

Where do I even begin? As a little kid I had amazing curls with natural blonde highlights – my Mum says people would stop us in the street to say how much they loved my curls. I was never that relaxed about having curly hair though; I’d always push it away from my face if it got in the way or want to wear a headband. When I got to about 8 and it started to frizz, I just wanted it in a ponytail all the time. As a teenager I liked the loose curls I’d get when it was wet but when it was dry it would frizz, so I felt the only way I could get that wet look was to use a lot of extra strength hair mousse after washing it, which meant I had crispy curls for years! I love curly hair on others but for me I just never felt it looked right on me, and I felt uncomfortable. So, when I went to university, I started to straighten my hair for special occasions. I now wear it straight most of the time, but often curly during the summer. The key to keeping my hair healthy and suitable for both looks is hydration and protecting it from heat damage.


What’s been your experience of having naturally dry hair?

When I was about 8 my hair changed and became very frizzy. My mum could only brush it when it was wet, and I used to scream the house down because of the knots. Detangler spray became an essential in our bathroom.


What difference do you notice in the look and feel of your hair when it is more hydrated?

Now that I spend a lot of time straightening my hair, it’s the ends that become the most dry and damaged. When I use the right products the ends feel smoother, softer and less split.


Talk us through your hair routine…

I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week – always in the evening, as it’s a bit of a process for me, so I like to make sure I have enough time. I always double shampoo, as that’s what my hairdresser does, and it means I can properly wash out any styling product that’ve been in my hair. I follow with a really hydrating conditioner, avoiding the roots, and then use a heat protecting spray before allowing it to air dry. Because I straighten it so much, I try to avoid blow drying it too, so I cook dinner while it dries naturally. Once straightened I’ll finish with a hydrating oil or cream to lock it all into place.


Have you enjoyed the way you can mix and match Aveda nutriplenish™ to suit you?

I’m so in love with these products! I’ve been using the light shampoo with the deep conditioner and it’s the perfect combination for me. It leaves my hair feeling clean, hydrated and strong. My hair is looking so healthy!


What’s your biggest tip for people with dry hair?

Don’t be lazy when it comes to the routine. Let your conditioner sink in for a bit before washing it out; use a leave-in conditioner and heat protection. All these little steps really make a big difference in the long term.

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