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Keshia East is a makeup artist, presenter and blogger, well known for her hair and makeup content on Instagram. Half African (Ghanaian) and half English, she has struggled for years to get the hair she loves – always striving to find the best products for her curls. As someone with dry hair, we knew nutriplenish™ would be perfect for Keshia. Read about her hair journey and enjoy some of her best tips for dry hair.


Hi Keshia! Give us one quote that best describes your hair journey?

“No journey is too long with the right company” – by this I’m talking about finding the right hair products.


Tell us a bit more about your relationship with your hair…

I honestly used to hate my hair, but only because I didn’t understand it! I straightened it for years. Then I discovered some curly hair products and my hair started to look better. It was a revelation. Now I haven’t straightened my hair in over two years. I still love it straight and will do it from time to time. But I’ve never loved my natural hair as much as I do now! Getting the right products and tools changed everything for me.


Have you noticed a change in the offering of hair care for naturally curly, coily and textured dry hair?

When I was younger, there were only a small variety of hair care products on the shelves for curly hair. I would use basic shampoos that weren’t targeted to my hair type. Now, everything in my hair wardrobe is for curly, afro or bleached hair. And in stores the shelves are full of different products for curly hair, so much so I haven’t even tried them all; and they come at all different price points. It’s amazing.


What trends have you seen evolve in naturally curly/textured hair?

Before, when you used to see curly hair in commercials, it was always without frizz and without volume. My hair would never look like that no matter how many products I put in it. Now, they advertise a much more realistic array of curly hair types, and even split it into categories to differentiate curl patterns, such as 3A, 3B, 3C etc. so you can find the right product based on your exact curl! It’s lovely to see how far the industry has come.


What’s been your experience of having dry hair?

I’ve always known I’ve had dry hair, particularly because I colour it and don’t use enough moisturising products on it. It can be stressful because my hair is afro but it’s also fine, which means I can’t over-oil it. Brands that offer different types of hydration – like nutriplenish™, are great, as I can mix and match my shampoo and conditioner depending on what level of hydration I need, which for me is always different depending on the season.


What difference do you notice in the look and feel of your hair when it’s more hydrated?

My curls go more bouncy when they’re hydrated and they also look more defined. They look so great! And it also seems to grow a lot better.


Talk us through your hair routine…

I generally wash my hair once every two weeks. Every week I use a co-wash to cleanse but not get rid of the oil. Ideally, I’d like to mask it every week too, when I have the time! I refresh my curls daily with a leave-in conditioner.


What do you think of new nutriplenish™?

It’s certainly the most hydrating shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used, which is great. I feel like I could wash and condition it and wouldn’t even need to use any product. I like that you can mix and match the strength of hydration. In the winter, for example, I need deep moisture. However, in the summer I find that I need less hydration so I can use the light moisture shampoo with the deep moisture conditioner. For my hair it works perfectly, such a dream.


What’s your best tip for people with dry hair?

Use a plopping towel! It allows your hair to dry whilst retaining its moisture. Discovering this was a game changer for me.

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