from suitability and benefits to the ingredients and aroma, discover how it's been updated

What makes a product so great that people are still talking about it over 10 years after it was discontinued? Ask any original sap moss™ fan and you’re sure to get an answer — and a very enthusiastic one at that.

What made it so special? It was especially popular with guests with curly, textured or dry hair, who loved the weightless hydration and the earthy, luxurious aroma. Since then, they’ve been flooding our social channels pleading with us to bring sap moss™ back.

We listened and are excited to announce that sap moss™ weightless hydration shampoo and conditioner is back with a NEW and improved formula! We took everything fans loved about the original and made it even better for 2019. Here’s what you need to know…


What does it do?

The duo quenches your hair’s thirst and reinvigorates dry, lifeless hair without weighing it down; this increases hair’s hydration, detangles and tames frizz.


How do I know if I need to use it?

If your hair feels frizzy, brittle, moderately dry or unmanageable and lacks shine, you’re a perfect candidate for sap moss™ weightless hydration shampoo and conditioner. It delivers everyday hydration for everyone and works on all hair types, from curly and coily to straight.


What’s in it?

The main ingredients in sap moss™ are — you guessed it! — larch tree sap extract and Iceland moss.

Iceland moss can absorb twice its weight in water to survive winter droughts and larch sap seals in moisture to survive long, northern winters. Other ingredients include kukui and coconut, which help condition and mimic the performance and after-feel of silicones.


Does it have the same aroma as the original?

The aroma is very similar to the old one. Many of our employees can’t tell the difference at all! Our in-house Head of Pure-Fume Aroma, Guy Vincent, did a deep dive into what made the aroma so special, and one of its key ingredients may come as a surprise. “The beauty of the sap moss™ aroma is this earthy arboreal aroma, balanced by a floral jasmine component,” Guy says. “People talk about it as earthy, but it’s a huge jasmine note.”


Olibanum, which is also called frankincense, is another star of the sap moss™ aroma. “It’s really tricky to use, and quality control is really important,” Guy says, adding that he rejected a few batches because they weren’t high quality enough to use in the aroma.


Finally, Guy had to make sure the aroma was appealing to a modern consumer while still honouring the beloved original. “I had to balance it all for a modern consumer’s taste without going too far into earthy territory.” We think he got it just right.


Is sap moss™ colour safe?
Yes, it is.