Botanical Repair Light VS Rich Hair Mask


A hair mask is key to enriching your strands with hair-repair ingredients, protection and nourishment, but choosing the right mask for your hair can be tricky. When in doubt, our Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masques are the way to go.


Why Botanical Repair is essential for damaged hair
The focus of Botanical Repair is to repair damaged strands. Available in both a light and rich formula, these two masks are infused with a plant-derived complex, which helps to build bonds across three key layers of hair fibre. This strengthens hair integrity at the core and reduces breakage, leaving hair feeling softer, smoother and stronger.



So, what’s the difference?


The light formula: This light hair mask is ideal for those with fine to medium hair. Formulated with weightless conditioning, this [light moisture] mask boosts hydration without making hair feel dense or heavy.


The rich formula


This rich hair mask is perfect for those with medium to thick hair. When compared to the light counterpart, this deep moisture mask conditions with twice the plant lipids and added butters, making it perfect for drier, more dehydrated hair.

The ingredients
The Botanical Repair masks are enriched with a range of nourishing, natural oils, such as Avocado Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Sacha Inchi Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. The rich formula is also formulated with super saturating ingredients like Shea Butter and Candelilla Wax, which can penetrate drier, thicker strands for deep conditioning. The Botanical Repair mask range also includes Lactic Acid, which breaks down the dead skin cells and product buildup that lingers around your roots making room for healthy hair to grow.  It also improves your scalp’s natural moisture, which hydrates your hair, leaving it nourished and bouncy.


In need of hair hydration?
If you are seeking hair masks that focus on hydration rather than hair repair, our Nutriplenish masks would be perfect for you. Available in light and deep formulas, these masks nourish and restore depleted, dull and dry hair with instant nutrient-infused hydration and shine. The differences between the light and deep formulas are like those of the Botanical Repair masks, with the lighter version designed for those with finer hair in need of light conditioning and the deep version created for those with thicker, drier hair in need of intense hydration.