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It can sometimes be difficult to find an aroma for holiday gifting that pleases everyone—especially when it is something that’s meant to be worn on the skin. The trick, says Guy Vincent, Head of Pure-Fume™ Aroma at Aveda, is to balance sweetness and spice, which is what led to the creation of Candrimā™, Aveda’s limited-edition holiday aroma, which launches this month.


So what’s in it? “The signature ingredients are certified organic ginger and ginger lily, which one might assume comes from a flower, but it doesn’t,” says Vincent. (Candrimā™, means moonlight in Sanskrit, and refers to the moon-white bloom of ginger lily.) Both ingredients, while related, are derived from the roots of different plant species. They both also have a bit of a bite to them, but when mixed with something like vanilla, the result becomes a comforting spicy aroma – perfect for the holiday season (Vincent likens the ideal blend as being similar to salted caramel, the perfect savory-sweet mix).


And what’s in it for you? The real intention behind the aroma was to produce something that envelops you in warmth like a blanket—which is something that everyone could use around the holidays when the weather gets cooler and the atmosphere gets hectic. “I always make a mood board when I’m coming up with aromas. On this one, I had swatches of rich browns, taupes, and ivories, and a picture of a woman sitting cross-legged in a big, round beanbag chair holding a hot tea,” says Vincent. Of course the aroma is not just for women. “I’ve been using it, as has my wife,” Vincent adds.


Look for limited edition Candrimā™ to this holiday: Creme Cleansing Oil, Body Moisturizer and also featured in our top selling Hand Relief™ Moisturizing Creme, —all of which are enriched with nourishing plant oil blends, which leave skin soft and smooth. All of the products can be purchased for a limited time only.


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