to reset your scalp for healthy hair


• Extend time between washes

• Remove residue and product build-up

• Instantly reduce oil by 76%1 with the Exfoliating

Scalp Treatment

• Get 2x shinier2 and 2x smoother hair3 by finishing

with our botanical repairTM Flash Treatment


How does it work?

Get The Full Aveda Experience

Scalp Renewal


Rejuvenate and protect your scalp, powered by plant actives.

Hair & Scalp


A professional analysis to give you

a real insight into the health & condition of your hair & scalp.

Enhance your hair care routine and prolong freshness between washes with a double cleanse routine. Start with our Exfoliating Treatment to ensure your hair and scalp are rid of build up and residue, and follow up with our recommended Botanical Repair strengthening shampoo.


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1Testing on 27 women after using product one time. 2Testing on tresses after one system use vs. unwashed hair. 3Testing on tresses after one system use vs. untreated hair.