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True stories

hear Aveda customers share their invati stories.


"The biggest gain is when you haven't told anybody and people are saying, 'wow your hair is looking really good!'. I would recommend the invati range to anybody who is worried about thinning hair."


"When I'm running my fingers through my hair it doesn't feel like straw anymore, it actually feels like hair again. Much more easy to manage and a lot easier to style as well."


"It's an incredible feeling to think my hair is the way I want it to be. Using the invati products has given me the confidence to change my hair colour and actually decide to grow my hair now and that just makes me feel really great and confident."

  • "Thicker Fuller Hair Is Yours" is the tagline for this product and it's all true. Note they say IS yours - not CAN or MAY but IS and it delivers that promise. My thin hair story began 20-odd years ago and I think I've tried just about everything on the market. Some just didn't work, some worked marginally. Then this arrived and I've used it since the launch. My favourites are the Revitaliser and shampoo. The tonic is part of my beauty routine in the morning and ...

  • The first thing you notice about the shampoo is the wonderful Botanical smell it's aroma is beautiful. After using the product for a few weeks my hair appears thicker and where I was washing my hair daily I am now washing it every other day as it's not leaving any greasy residue but still giving me shine. I am hoping to get ongoing results with further use.

  • As my hair has gradually thinned over the years, I've been looking for something to compensate for this. This conditioner is a big help.

  • It really does work. Recommended by my hairdresser and can't believe it's taken me so long to find this fab product.

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